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RL-1239 Air Core Inductors Bobbin Wound

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RL-1239 Air Core Inductors Bobbin Wound

Renco Air Core Inductors are available in 137 different values ranging from 0.56µH to 33,000µH (33mH) with current ratings, depending on type, from 1.4 Amps to 22 Amps. This series of Air Core Inductors has the advantage of handling high AC currents without going into saturation as metal core inductors would. The wide range of inductances and resistance values offers great flexibility in circuit design. The inductors are supplied ready for PC board insertion or, as an option, with leads for wiring directly into circuits.

• Power Line Filters
• Switching Regulated Power Supplies
• Audio Filters
• Speaker Crossover Networks
• Power Amplifiers
• Power RF Suppression Circuits
• Chokes

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